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Ecogarantie is a company and eco-label with particularly strict guidelines. It aims only to label genuinely environmentally-friendly products.

The Ecogarantie stands for:

  • Safety: The certified products not only meet the Ecogarantie standards, but also all the criteria of European legislation. The certificate guarantees that no animal testing has been carried out on the products.
  • Environmental protection/sustainability: The ingredients of the products must meet high standards. All natural extracts are 100% organic and must be biodegradable. Companies must also work sustainably in terms of resource management, production, and transport.
  • Equality: The certified companies stand for equality and pursue a policy of social and ecological responsibility. Fair prices are paid and offered to suppliers and customers.
  • Neutrality: Ecogarantie works closely with three independent control bodies to ensure complete neutrality in the certifications. Based on the report, Ecogarantie decides whether the products or the company will be certified or not.