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This seal from Flustix primarily certifies products with liquid content that do not contain any microplastics. Based on the only internationally respected and followed microplastic definition by ECHA (incl. ISO/TR 21960:2020 Plastics - Environmental aspects - State of knowledge and methodologies), Flustix tests and certifies in cooperation with its accredited partners. The microplastic definition refers to solid, water-insoluble plastic particles with a size of less than 5 mm, based on the longest dimension or diameter of the plastic particle. For Flustix, this also includes so-called bioplastics or bioplastics that are made from renewable resources. However, based on the ECHA definition, liquid and water-soluble plastics are not taken into account here, since according to the current state of analytical technology, these can hardly or not at all be proven analytically in a qualitatively binding manner and therefore legally secure claiming cannot yet be guaranteed. As research progresses, Flustix will include these materials in its certification programs.