Multikraft "Everything Clean" Cleaning Set

The multi-faceted household power pack

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This set combines the effective power of the proven Effective Microorganisms! These handy positive bacteria work faster than negative bacteria, robbing them of their livelihood and getting rid of pollution naturally. The effective microorganisms then remain on the cleaned surfaces and become active again if they become dirty again - so the cleanliness lasts longer. In addition, the high-yield, dilutable cleaners neutralise unpleasant odours and, with regular use, ensure a healthy indoor climate without polluting the environment. These valuable microorganisms are also contained in the ceramic pipes, which means that their impressive effect can be used not only in the house but also in the garden, for example, to optimally prepare pond or irrigation water.


  • with Effective Microorganisms
  • versatile applicable
  • simple application
  • very productive
  • for hygienic cleanliness
  • environmentally friendly
  • the cleaners ensure effective odour neutralisation


eMC Power Cleaner: This versatile cleaner is suitable for all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms as well as for shelves and furniture, it also conjures up sparkling clean floors! The highly effective cleaner is diluted with water and is therefore very economical to use - 1ml of cleaner is mixed with 1L of water.

eMC Limescale Cleaner: This agent removes even the most stubborn limescale deposits and restores a radiant shine to the bathroom! Due to its limescale-dissolving effect, this cleaner must not be used on calcareous materials or on surfaces that are sensitive to citric acid. To prepare the finished cleaning solution, 100ml of limescale cleaner is diluted with 1L of water.

EM Klar original solution: This solution also offers a wide range of possible applications! 10-50ml of the original solution is diluted with 1L of water in a spray bottle. This can be used as an air freshener at home, but also in stables, for example, where it effectively neutralizes odours. In the building sector, EM Clear can be mixed undiluted with building materials, inhibiting the harmful effects of various substances and reducing dust formation.

EM ceramic grey pipes: The indefinitely durable ceramic pipes stabilise the water quality, reduce water clusters and ensure a reduction in surface tension. They are particularly suitable for revitalising drinking, pond and irrigation water.

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